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Since planning a wedding is hard work, any kind of help and reference point is useful. Here are some of the websites I found useful while planning my own wedding. I have also included a reference page with a list of the sources I consulted to further the information on these pages.


My wedding photos were taken by Sunset Photography, which did a wonderful job. I would recommend them to those of you getting married in the Tampa Bay area. All of the photos on this page also come from them. Here is their link:

Sunset Photography


This is one of the best all-inclusive wedding sites that I have found. There, you can find the perfect wedding gown, make a guest list, and even view a countdown of the days you have left until your own wedding.

The Knot

This is also a very good place to find information. It has very similar content as that of The Knot, as well as its own approach. Both sites can be used in conjunction with each other.

Wedding Channel


Before I even got engaged, I loved watching A Wedding Story on The Learning Channel because it was about real-life love stories, and it was very helpful to see how other people plan weddings and the traditions they use. This is the site on which you can find information about the show and other wedding things.

A Wedding Story

Here is the reference page with the sources of some of the information contained on this page.




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