You have gone through the exhausting planning and excitement of the big day and now you just want to spend some quality romantic time with your new spouse. The honeymoon is for just that. It is a time to celebrate your new life together, get to know each other as a married couple, and to just relax and have fun. There are so many places to go that would cater to your tastes and personality. It is entirely up to you. Honeymoons can vary in expense and elaboration from an all-inclusive resort to a simple stay in a nice hotel. Here are a few options:

Near Home

Far Away




Near Home:

Many people believe that you must go away to an exotic destination for your honeymoon. This is not necessarily the case. As I said above, you can go anywhere near or far for your honeymoon. If you have an interesting resort or theme park near you, that might be a fun option. This is the case for me. Living in Florida provides many opportunities for different vacations close to my fingertips. Other states have similar options. You can also stay in a nice hotel in a nearby city and relax. Depending on where you live and what you are close to, you might not have to go far to have a nice honeymoon. The best part of this option is that it will probably save money because you will not have to fly. As a college student, this is very appealing. Bill and I went to Disney World for these reasons, and had just as good of a time than going away.

Far Away:

Just because you are a college student, though, does not mean that you cannot go to your dream location on your honeymoon. This is a special occasion, after all. If you would like to go away, you can save money in advance or try to find discounted rates. There are so many places to go from beaches to mountains, Europe to Canada. If you are going out of the country, make sure you remember to get your passport months in advance in order to get it in time. It is necessary to have this to enter another country.


Some destinations offer an all-inclusive resort package. One such place is the Sandals Beach Resort. This includes everything such as airfare, lodging, meals, etc for one price. Sandals also offers free weddings if you wish to also have a destination wedding. Many resorts also offer similar amenities. This would be a good choice of you have the money and want to have everything planned out for you without much work. This is helpful in that you already have a wedding to plan and schoolwork to do. These resorts are often very fun because they offer so much entertainment. This is also appealing to younger couples.


Cruises are  another option that includes many amenities. These are a favorite of couples because there are so many different activities on and off of the ship. Many of these activities are included in the price, while you can participate in excursions and planned tours for an additional cost. The food is also included, which is helpful because you do not have to worry about it. Like many resorts, some cruises have a wedding chapel on board. This is another way to have a wedding and honeymoon at the same location. Many people think that all cruises are expensive, but this is not always the case. You can often find good deals if you book far in advance or if you book on a ship with a few spots left that they want to get rid of at the last minute. Cruises are a very viable option for your honeymoon. 


With all of the options and preparations for the honeymoon, there is much to remember and consider. It can be overwhelming, especially with everything else that is going on in your life at that time. Here are a few tips to make your honeymoon a fun and memorable experience:

Plan early- As with anything worthwhile, you need to start planning early. If you know where you want to go and want to do, you can determine how much it is going to cost and, therefore, can start saving for it. The earlier you plan, the better. Although you should plan early, be careful if you book flights and hotel reservations early. You need to make sure that nothing is going to change because often they are non-refundable.

Make a checklist- Before you leave for your honeymoon, it is helpful to make a checklist of all the things you will need. Some items to consider are the type of clothes, toiletries, tickets, passports, luggage, etc. I wish I had done this because I felt like I forgot something when I left. Because this is a common feeling that people have when going on vacation, it is a good idea to do this whenever you go out of town.

Tell people- When planning your honeymoon or when you are on it, you should mention to as many people as you can that you are newlyweds on your honeymoon. In doing this, friends or family might want to contribute money to your expenses. Also, you might get discounts or free gifts from hotels and other places along the way. On my honeymoon at the Magic Kingdom, we ate in the castle. Because we were on our honeymoon, the host gave us free toasting glasses. It was very special.

Start slow- After the excitement of the wedding, you will be very tired. If you are going to somewhere that requires flying or driving, you might want to stay in a hotel near where you live before heading out. This will enable you to unwind a little and get some rest before you encounter more excitement. Also, when you get to your destination, you should spend time relaxing with each other before going on excursions. This will prevent you from "burning out" part way through the honeymoon and when you get back. Bill and I did this the day after our wedding, and it helped us to have more energy to go to theme parks the rest of the time.

Personalize it- There are many ways to personalize your honeymoon and add romance, especially your accommodations. You can create a romantic mood by lighting candles around the room. Also, you can make a cd of love songs to play for your spouse to show him how much you love and appreciate him. This is an inexpensive present that is usually appreciated. I did this for Bill, and it created a special atmosphere for our honeymoon. There are many little details that you can add like this to make your honeymoon and, especially your wedding night romantic and memorable.

Just be flexible- If you are like me, you probably want everything to be perfect and work out just the way you want. You have planned your wedding this way, and you want your honeymoon to reflect the same degree of perfection. Inevitably, life never turns out this way and chances are that your wedding was not exactly perfect. Your honeymoon will not be as well. This does not mean that is will not be a special, fun, and, memorable time. It will be. It will be even better if you have a flexible and patient attitude with anything that happens rather than a perfectionist. There was a change in plans in our honeymoon, and I was really upset at first. But when I got over it, everything worked out. It will for you too.


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